Friday, April 18, 2014

New Breakthrough, Fold Lamp Print Results Three Dimensions

Designers from Utrecht , Netherlands , Michiel Cornelissen make a lampshade that can be folded . The lamp utilizes a three -dimensional printing technology . His work is not only functional and look pretty , but are also relatively more efficient than other products . The reason is simple , artificial light can be folded Cornelissen . Therefore , the delivery was much easier and cheaper .

This unique lamp is called by the name ZooM , made ​​of hundreds of tiny elements such as chains that enable formed or folded .

The process of making these lamps involves computer software that can help the designer to work with hundreds of similar elements . These elements are then combined together with a spiral connector .

"Zoom has a structure made ​​of hundreds of repetitive elements . These elements coalesce and form a series of interconnected spirals adrift . Printing technology allows three- dimensional pentagon -shaped lampshade is made with a flat and fully strung . When folded , this lampshade flexible like cloth , but can maintain its shape like a rigid product , "says Cornelissen .
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In addition , because it consists of a series of spiral -like floor , then this translucent lampshade . Light bulbs can look , but do not dazzle users .


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