Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Features You Hit canker sores

any form of pain in the mouth is often regarded by many as thrush , to date . In fact , the most common disease thrush just from aphtosa recurrent stomatitis ( SAR ) , which has three types , namely SAR minor , major SAR and SAR herpetiformis .
Thus, it is not as simple to judge a bad mouth or complain of pain in the area of ​​the lips , tongue , or cheek . So it could not hurt to know the characteristics of the SAR as well from the three species .

Here Dr . Sasanti fragrant drg , Sp . Prime Minister of the Department of Oral and Dental School of Medicine, University of Indonesia explained the characteristics of SAR in order for you to understand the ins and outs of the SAR :
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- SAR is a hollow wound ( ulcer ) shallow , clear edges and irregular , round or oval shape with red color surrounded . And the pain arises when touched , whether it while drinking or eating .

- The location is usually on the buccal mucosa , lips , tongue under the tongue , cheek or lip basin between the gums .

- Its thrush it is on the soft - soft , not hard. And also do not bleed easily .

- Rarely arising in gums and palate, as the location is murkosa tersebur plated horn ( keratin layer ) .

- Generally , arising from a young age or teenagers .

- Its repeated relapses , but it can heal itself .

- For this type of SAR minor , ulcer size ranged from two to four millimeters . Then the numbers from one to five ulcers . While it's a long time to heal itself from three to seven days .

- In a major SAR , size ulsernya broader and deeper , which is eight to 10 millimeters . Later , irregular edges that elicits pain when touched food being chewed or drinking water . So from a long recovery is also relatively longer than the minor , which is four to five weeks .

- For SAR type herpetiformis , this is the type of SAR shaped like herpes . Where ulsernya shallow with large quantities of up to 100 ulcers . Meanwhile , for a long time to heal itself approximately seven to 14 days .


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