Thursday, March 13, 2014

U.S.: Search Malaysia Airlines Could Extended to Indian Ocean

White House spokesman on Thursday ( 13/3 ) , says there is new information that the aircraft may be out of a Malaysia Airlines flight path accordingly. (see also: obat burung)

 U.S. says Malaysia search the missing jet can be extended to the Indian Ocean , far to the west of the position of the last contact with the plane was carrying 239 people .

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that no new information although not conclusive that the Boeing 777 may be out of the flight path should be from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and led to the Indian Ocean .

Carney said the U.S. is consulting with other countries involved in the massive search to find the jet to see if the ships and aircraft have been deployed to the Indian Ocean to broaden the search operation .

Search jet Malaysia lost in the vast waters of Asia has been going on for six days .

Many theories about what happened to the jet Saturday , from terrorists who hijacked the plane , until catastrophic aircraft malfunction , pilots who committed suicide .

Malaysian Transport Minister , Hishamuddin Hussein , rejected reports that the 370 aircraft still flying for several hours after the last contact and said satellite images of China which he said showed the wreckage in the waters of southern Vietnam proved unfounded . He said " we have deployed our ships and aircraft , but did not find anything "

Hishammuddin said Malaysia Airlines asked Boeing and engine maker Rolls Royce to explain the data that she says shows the aircraft may fly as far as 4,000 kilometers longer or as long as four hours .

Wall Street Journal report on Thursday citing U.S. officials conviction based on the data that is sent automatically by the aircraft engine to the ground.

China satellite photos appear on Wednesday and Chinese state media said the photographs showed three fairly large object near the aircraft should track towards Beijing . But Hishammuddin said Malaysia then contacted the Chinese Embassy said the photos were released by accident and did not show any of the plane 's wreckage .

Meanwhile , Cambodia said Vietnam has given permission to use its airspace to search for the missing plane Malaysia Airlines .

Keo Sivorn , Head of the Department of Civil Aviation Cambodia Vietnam on Thursday said the plane had been flying over the territory of Cambodia since Wednesday .
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Previously , the Cambodian officials said this week will not be sending aid teams to participate in the search which now involves more than 80 ships and aircraft from 12 countries . Government spokesman Phay Siphan said Thursday that Cambodia is willing to help match their abilities .


Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Take Care and Maintain Persian Cats

For those of you who have a Persian cat at home and do not know how to care of her , here I would love how to How to Take Care of Persian Cats And maintaining a good and right so that you have a Persian cat can be maintained well or at least his health can be maintained .
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How to Take Care of Persian Cats True

Actually its the cat care is tantamount to treating the cat on his general , since this cat is one of the most expensive cat in the world , so it is good we do care more for these cats , as for the need to consider in caring for cats is Satui :

1 . food

The first might be his food , we should really pay attention to his food intake so that the Persian cat we have is not easily affected by various diseases dangerous , well on its core so that our persian cat healthy always , and that it might be noted that the food we give , so give the one food that can nourish vitamin .

2 . drinks

For the provision of drinking this beverage in love do not suggest that we still have to love raw or beverages that have been cooked in advance so as not to disturb his digestive system .

3 . place

Well to place his best to back out of its timber and place the scale a little bit so that the Persian cat who would inhabit his cage and can freely move freely .

4 . outside treatment

Outside maintenance can be done such as bathing her , now in her bathing on the advice it once a week or at least once a week perdua once was and do not forget if after bathing her to comb her hair was thick , so that will not clot .(see also: pakan burung kacer)

5 . treatment in

For the treatment of this is that the vaccine gave her Persian cat you have to avoid the various types of cat diseases , and often was checked by his cat to the vet even though you do not look sick , and do not forget to ask about the rules of its vaccine , because her regular doctor will advised to give the vaccine back in later .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Study: Caution! Virus WiFi So Future Security Threats

from the University of Liverpool , UK , demonstrated wireless internet or WiFi network can be susceptible infected with a virus . The study researchers showed virus attack can move on to the WiFi dense blood and infection was similar ineffectiveness with the spread of the flu virus between humans . WiFi means can be easily exposed to the virus .
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As reported , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , the researchers at the School of Computer Science , Electronics and Electronic Rekayasan Liverpool University simulate virus attacks , called Chameleon to Belfast and London area .
As a result , the virus spread rapidly not only to home and business district , and were able to avoid detection and identification of WiFi access points are the most protected with encryption and passwords .

Researchers found Chameleon behavior such as airborne viruses , moving on all access points WiFi network that connects households and businesses to a WiFi network .
In densely populated areas that have adjacent access points , make the virus spread more rapidly , especially in networks that are connected within a radius of 10-50 meters .

" When Chameleon attacked an access point , it does not affect how it works . , But it is capable of collecting and reporting mandates all other WiFi -connected users , " said Alan Marshall , University of Liverpool Professor of network security .

He mentioned the virus then seek other WiFi access points can be connected with the virus and then infected him .
able to Evade
Remarkably , this virus is able to evade detection system identification of the virus used in the Internet or computers . Chameleon can freely because it is only present in the WiFi network .

The virus is exploiting loopholes open access points in most public places , such as airports or coffee shops .

" The WiFi connection is increasingly becoming the target of computer hackers as security vulnerabilities are well documented , this then complicate the detection and fight against the virus , " said Marshall .

Although the virus is not possible assumptions and researchers working to develop Chameleon virus , but researchers mempeirngatkan to prepare for the possibility of it happening and spread quickly .
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" We are now able to use the data generated from this research to develop new techniques to identify potential attacks , " said Marshall .