Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Study: Caution! Virus WiFi So Future Security Threats

from the University of Liverpool , UK , demonstrated wireless internet or WiFi network can be susceptible infected with a virus . The study researchers showed virus attack can move on to the WiFi dense blood and infection was similar ineffectiveness with the spread of the flu virus between humans . WiFi means can be easily exposed to the virus .
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As reported , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , the researchers at the School of Computer Science , Electronics and Electronic Rekayasan Liverpool University simulate virus attacks , called Chameleon to Belfast and London area .
As a result , the virus spread rapidly not only to home and business district , and were able to avoid detection and identification of WiFi access points are the most protected with encryption and passwords .

Researchers found Chameleon behavior such as airborne viruses , moving on all access points WiFi network that connects households and businesses to a WiFi network .
In densely populated areas that have adjacent access points , make the virus spread more rapidly , especially in networks that are connected within a radius of 10-50 meters .

" When Chameleon attacked an access point , it does not affect how it works . , But it is capable of collecting and reporting mandates all other WiFi -connected users , " said Alan Marshall , University of Liverpool Professor of network security .

He mentioned the virus then seek other WiFi access points can be connected with the virus and then infected him .
able to Evade
Remarkably , this virus is able to evade detection system identification of the virus used in the Internet or computers . Chameleon can freely because it is only present in the WiFi network .

The virus is exploiting loopholes open access points in most public places , such as airports or coffee shops .

" The WiFi connection is increasingly becoming the target of computer hackers as security vulnerabilities are well documented , this then complicate the detection and fight against the virus , " said Marshall .

Although the virus is not possible assumptions and researchers working to develop Chameleon virus , but researchers mempeirngatkan to prepare for the possibility of it happening and spread quickly .
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" We are now able to use the data generated from this research to develop new techniques to identify potential attacks , " said Marshall .


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