Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Mr. Jokowi, We Do not evicted Yes"

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo inaugurated Terminal Manggarai , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) evening .

In the inauguration of Terminal Manggarai , Jokowi accompanied by the Head of Jakarta Transportation Agency , Muhammad Akbar , Head of East Jakarta Transportation Department Benhard Hutajulu , Head of Land Transportation Syafrin Liputo , Jakarta Transportation Department and other officials .

" By saying Bismillah , the revitalization of the bus terminal in the city of Manggarai inaugurated , " said Jokowi in Manggarai Terminal .

When reviewing Jokowi terminal condition , suddenly came two middle-aged women . They are street vendors ( PKL ) who had long traded in the Manggarai Terminal .

To Jokowi , one of the women introduced themselves as Akit . He asked Jokowi not displace the old shanties that have been built . Exciting conversation ensued between Akit and Jokowi .

" Sir , I Akit traders in front of the terminal . Said I would shanties demolished in 2015. Shanties Please, sir do not evicted us . Pity at us , sir , " said Akit to Jokowi .

Jokowi looked confused and asked Akit , who is about to displace the lapaknya . "Hang on to . Terminal has been completed it's built , " said Jokowi .

Akit immediately say the word " amen " . The number 1 in the Capital again ask, who wants to evict the traders stalls in Manggarai . Akit went back to answer to say the word " amen " and hope stall is not evicted .

For the third time , Jokowi again asked which party would displace the merchant stalls .

This time Akit replied , " She's supposed to Pak , hear - hear from people , " said Akit .

" Says who? Kok he said , she said and who want evicted ? " Jokowi asked again .

Akit it again replied with the word " amen " .

Hearing Akit , laughter Jokowi and the people around him broke .

" Well anyway , she says Amin ? Amin who want evicted Bu ? Ha - ha - ha , " said Jokowi burst .

Jokowi was immediately called one of his personal staff to take care of that.

Manggarai terminal looks different with terminals in general . The terminal looks more clean , free from street vendors ( PKL ) . Special facility is the escalator .

Jokowi expects all terminals in Jakarta such as Manggarai Terminal that no longer looks shabby .

Furthermore , he explained , this modern terminal will integrate TransJakarta bus stops and bus terminal in the city of Manggarai train station via the pedestrian bridge access .

The goal is to eliminate the habit of passengers who often dismiss transport out of place .

After the inauguration , Jokowi reviewing some room in the terminal . Jokowi using the escalator and look around other supporting facilities .
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On the 1st floor there Manggarai Terminal waiting room , while on the 2nd floor there is a dining area ( food court ) and mosque . Meanwhile , on the 3rd floor there is a minimarket facilities , automated teller machines , and room monitoring .


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