Monday, April 14, 2014

Abu Hamza Conference held in U.S.

The trial of Abu Hamza al - Masri , a radical priest who was extradited from England to America in 2012, will be held at a federal court in New York .
Egyptian -born imam denies 11 charges of supporting terrorism , including al - Qaeda and seeks to establish al - Qaeda training camp in Oregon .

She Click extradited from a prison in the UK , after serving for seven years in the case of inciting to kill and spread hatred .
Court decisions in the UK and Europe declared he should be tried in a civilian court in the U.S. , after it filed the extradition of Hamza in 2004.

Bin Laden footage
The trial will begin with jury selection .
In February , Abu Hamza wrote a letter to the judge that he plans to submit his defense and provide feedback about the attacks of 9/11 - despite opposition by legal counsel ,
Abu Hamza was charged with conspiracy to kidnap tourists in Yemen in 1998 , which killed three Britons and an Australian .

In this case , prosecutors plan to play a recording of Abu Hamza who praised Osama bin Laden and punish the Jewish , Christian and Gay .
Their attorneys said the tape was not relevant to the charges against his client .

Abu Hamza , who has no hands and one eye , gave a sermon which contains a message about violence Finsbury Park Mosque in London England after the attacks of 9/11 .
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Legal counsel against extradition to the U.S. to claim , his client would not be threatened to be treated humanely , but later the court held that their human rights will not be violated .


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