Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 and Terminal Station in Jakarta Integrated

Representative light of Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama promises all the bus terminal that is located near the train station will be integrated in 2014 .

It aims to facilitate the citizens of Jakarta public transport users for this routine use electric rail cars ( KRL ) and bus.

" We of operating this year . Design is also already available. Nyambungnya We want plans adopted by the compensation of private aid commercials, " said Basuki at the City Hall in Jakarta, Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

The starting point for the integration Manggarai station and the terminal. Today, the bridge and the bridge between terminals Manggarai , Manggarai Station being built .

"I have asked Bu Yani ( Deputy Governor of DKI Field Pembagunan and Spatial Sarwo HANDAYANI ) governance is not yet integrated . Sambungin We will all , " tukas Ahok man greeted the familiar .

Consolidation station and the terminal itself is part of the reform plan of mass transportation in Jakarta .
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In addition to consolidating both places, Jakarta Provincial Government has also established PT Jakarta Transportation and it will be working with PT KAI to integrate the use of bus tickets transjakarta and KRL Commuter Jabodetabek Line .


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