Monday, April 28, 2014

KQ Project : Mission Build Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium Version

There were just busyness Samsung's flagship smartphone in polishing this time . Later , the Galaxy S5 seems not only available in the Mini variants , Active , or Zoom alone . But also , the premium version . How can the Galaxy S5 is touted as a high-end smart phones latest , will be overtaken by the same model but said " more premium ? "

Through " Project ET " , a prototype of this premium version will bring a 5.2 -inch qHD screen size ( 2560 x 1440 pixels ) , which is accompanied by an increase in better processor . As we have seen previously for the Galaxy S5 project known as " Project K " . And , this time the project is entering the manufacturing phase . Interestingly , Samsung is said to have been back and forth 10 times in developing the revised Galaxy S5 premium version , until given the green light to go into production .
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Following the typical track record of Samsung products , Project KQ also going to launch a variety of models which carry chipset versions differ from each other . For the premium version of the S5 Galaxy smartphones in circulation in South Korea , the company will package it with octa - core processor Exynos 5430 . Latest chipset that includes a quad - core Cortex - A15 2.1GHz and 1.5GHz quad - core Cortex - A7 . As a companion , there is a 600MHz ARM Mali graphics processor .

In addition , new technology HEVC video decoder can play videos up to 8K UHD resolution , while the audio co -processor Samsung nicknamed " Seiren " will handle the encoding and decoding voice .

If the above advantages are still not enough , wait until you know the connectivity side . Project -based Exynos KQ is going to be the first time using Intel's LTE modem (XMM7620) , with the support of downlink data transfer speed 300Mbit / s and uplink 150Mbit / s . Only the European market to be equipped with the LTE chip , while the Korean market will bring LTE modem from Samsung themselves with the code name of Shannon 300 ( SS300 ) . Furthermore , Samsung allegedly would immerse Quad - core processor with Snapdragon chipset 805 for the U.S. market , at least in one version of the upcoming phones ( G906S ) .

Problem naming of Project KQ smartphone is still veiled . The speculation , the smartphone will join the lineup of Galaxy F.


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