Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do Amputation KPK

HAVE a lot of effort to weaken the Commission since its inception : the criminalization , complicates the construction budget requirements , and others .

The most systematic effort to weaken the comics reflected in the revision of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code , partly because the designers have ignored the second revision of the following basic points .

Commission Act ( No. 30 of 2002 ) mandates that the Commission be a trigger mechanism , a process model for police enforcement and prosecutors in the field of combating corruption . In 10 years of age , the Commission has been jailed criminals until level 396 MA , 100 percent conviction rate. This success story should be a reference in designing the second revision .

First , the investigation . This is the most crucial phase in comparison with the investigation and prosecution because the Commission can not dismiss the case at this stage of the investigation ( SP3 ) . The primary reason is that the phase of the investigation , the Commission can not use forceful measures such as restraining and confiscating . It takes intensive collaboration between auditors , investigators, prosecutors , and other professionals find two sufficient evidence .

The role of auditors is very prominent in the business understand the influence of the temptation and licensing , especially when associated with perso - alan accounting . The pattern of collaboration is not owned law enforcement . The next stage , the investigator 's, actually just to assemble the relationship between evidence , perpetrators , and witnesses in order to become whole story .

Second , the authority to tap very useful in the case of hand surgery snapper fishing , such as bribery in MK , Hambalang case , and the case of the bearded cow . Without tapping almost impossible patgulipat at the center of power can be dismantled exhausted .

Third , limited exposures forum as a form of openness that is needed in preventing intervention , deviation investigation process , and evaluation forums so that the case does not go anywhere. Public will monitor the handling of the case and criticized as potentially deviant cases . As a result , the judge will be very careful to hear and decide cases of corruption stemming from the Commission . Compare with the proceedings and decision of cases of corruption that are not from the Commission .

Performance audit by BPK

Article 20 ( 2 ) of the Act mandates that the Commission and the Commission audited financial performance. Beginning in January 2014 CPC has been handed to Parliament above the Audit Report Compliance Enforcement Commission performance against the SOP as a translation of the Law Commission and the Law on Criminal Procedure . BPK audit conclusions stated that the prosecution Commission since the complaint until the prosecution has been appropriate and consistent with the procedure . Almost perfect although there are some recommendations that should be implemented KPK as a spy because of limited human resources .

Audit reports have proved to the Indonesian people that the independence of the Commission from government intervention , the House of Representatives , and any power of making the Commission has always managed to throw criminals into custody . Collaboration auditors , investigators , prosecutors , and other professions is a surefire way to disassemble state capture corruption crimes . Tapping is very beneficial to the authority to be able to uncover a great case came to power .

Commission as a product of reform has become a solid institution with a constant rhythm despite a succession three times and face difficult times , such as criminalization . Transparency of enforcement performance has drawn the public support which became guard rescuers Commission on hard times . Terbantahnya the view that the Commission and the selective targeting of specific groups .

The most prominent argument in the revised Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code is the protection of human rights corruption suspects abuse of authority by the Commission with reference to the pattern of the examination in a number of developed countries . The framers of the revised Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code has been ignore factors instruments , structure , culture , and the Corruption Perceptions Index places the country far better comparative study of Indonesia . Human rights are always dealing with corruption suspect the majority of victims of human rights corruption . Excessive protection of corrupt majority resulted in the neglect of the rights of victims of crimes of corruption in the form of economic, social , and cultural .

Corruption so evil world with the birth of the United Nations Convention against Corruption ( UNCAC ) ratified by Law No. 7/2006 . Indonesian realize one-third of the new anti-corruption instruments arranged in the UNCAC with the establishment of the Commission , the Corruption Act , and money laundering .

We have not set up the corruption in the private sector and others. However , the Commission has menginspira - the world through Kusala Ramon Magsaysay and so proud members of Parliament and the president in an international forum . Very contradictory to the award of the Commission in the country .

Arguably Commission reforms product can be expected to save Indonesia . Should be interpreted as a trigger mechanism to eradicate corruption laboratory using instruments , structures , and cultures native to Indonesia .
( Read: pleci mania )

Ten years is enough to prove that we can eradicate corruption by way of Indonesia , as evidenced by the entire Supreme Court decision in a corruption case stemming from KPK and BPK Audit Performance . Whatever the contents Codes are ignoring MA and CPC so that the Commission believed to be amputated canceled by the Constitutional Court . The pendulum of justice and determined political will to eradicate corruption in parliament the center of power . Want to go back to the New Order ?


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