Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Akil met at the airport , ATUT Asking elections

Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah admitted never met with Akil Mochtar , when he was the Chairman of the Constitutional Court , at the Soekarno - Hatta Airport when it will fly to Singapore and after being in the Immigration office , late September 2013 . He said , when met at the airport Akil toward Immigration , he asked about three things .

" The meeting accidentally on the way to immigration , had talked . Mr. Akil convey his experience as a member of the House of Representatives Commission II . Mechanism I ask the Court when there is a dispute in the elections . On Banten 2013 when it carried out three election , " said ATUT when testifying to Akil in Corruption Court in Jakarta , Monday, April 28, 2014 . ATUT three areas in question is the city of Tangerang , Lebak and Serang . ( Read also : ATUT Think It's As the sisters Akil )
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More details, ATUT asked to Akil , if there is a re-voting decision , whether to stay could be implemented by the end of the year , given the legislative elections approached . Because, he said , by regulation , the area should not be ahead of the local elections held legislative elections . " I want to know related to the decision of the Court , remain to be implemented or not , " he said .

ATUT also admitted he met with Akil at the JW Marriot Singapore . However , he said , when the meeting was short-lived because Akil rush off . " In the lobby , and a lot of people , I along with my brother , Henry ( Chaeri Ward ) , " he said .

He dodged when Luki Dwi Nugroho prosecutor grilling him over to Singapore specifically for the purpose of meeting with Akil . ATUT excuse to Singapore for medical treatment purposes . He set out with one of his sons . While in Singapore , he claimed requires the approval of his brother , Henry , to perform medical acts . So , Henry followed to Singapore , and finally invited to meet with Akil in the lobby of the JW Marriot . " Just a moment , because Mr. Akil rush , " said ATUT .

In case of dispute penangaan Lebak , Henry ordered ATUT to give money to Akil . Giving the money was intended to influence the election dispute Lebak . Initially , Akil asked for USD 3 billion in favor of the proposed district candidate who carried Golkar , Amir Hamzah - Kasmin . But the new Henry realize $ 1 billion.


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