Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Son of Minister Syarif Hasan Examined as Suspects

Son of Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Syarif Hasan , Riefan Avrian , High Court summons investigators Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . Riefan questioned as suspects in the alleged corruption in the procurement project Videotron Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs .

It was announced by the Head of the Legal Section of the High Court of Jakarta , Waluyo . Meanwhile , Waluyo not know for sure whether Riefan would be arrested today after undergoing examination . " Yeah , we 'll see growth , " he said .
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Riefan as President Director of PT Rifuel named as a suspect based on the investigation warrant dated Friday ( 16/05/2014 ) . Riefan charged under Article 2 and Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication .

In this case , Hendra an office boy who work in perusaaan Riefan , was first named as a suspect . In the indictment , called Hendra together Riefan corruption Videotron projects that have enriched themselves and Riefan .

Hendra is just an education until third grade elementary school ( SD ) is appointed by the President Director of PT Riefan Imaji Media . The company was allegedly deliberately set up to get Videotron project at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs .

However , when giving testimony at the trial , denied intentionally Riefan established PT Imaji Media and make Hendra as the main director in the ministry to get the project was led by his father .

Riefan also claimed to not know if Hendra only an elementary school education up to class III . According Riefan , Hendra himself who came to him asking for help with a capital of USD 10 billion to establish the company . Riefan then lend U.S. $ 10 billion, with no evidence of borrowing .

Riefan assess Hendra have established the ability of the advertising company having previously been a office boy , driver , and helped put up billboards or other advertising attributes .

The above testimony , the judges Jakarta Corruption Court and the public prosecutor at the South Jakarta District Court also repeatedly reminded Riefan so honest witness .

Meanwhile , Hendra claimed by Riefan forced to sign a company's constitutional documents . As a director , Hendra claimed never to prepare the requirements for the project following the auction process Videotron . Hendra was conscious , he does not have the competence became a director of a company . To that end , during the auction process until the construction project is taken over by Riefan .

In the indictment , PT Imaji finally won Videotron project even though the company has just established . Videotron project payments then go into account Hendra as president director of PT Imaji Media . However , this account also controlled by Riefan . From Riefan , Hendra then inherit Rp 19 million .

The case came to light after the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) examination in February-May 2013. BPK found an excess payments that do not fit the technical specs of Rp 2,695 billion . Based on the audit results of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) , this case has caused financial loss to the state of Rp 4,780,298,943 .


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