Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hanura: Hary Tanoe Already Working Maximum

Hanura Party DPP chief Syarifudin Sudding ask nothing mengkambinghitamkan head of the DPP Party Election winnings Hanura Hary Tanoesoedibjo voice revenue associated Hanura in Legislative Election 2014. It says , Hary has worked maksinmal .

According Sudding , mentioned his party can not fail in Election 2014. Based jhasil quickly calculate the number of the board , Hanura predicted to be at position 10 . Yet, says Sudding , from the side of the percentage figures, experienced an increase compared to 2009.
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" This is not a failure due to an increase . In 2009 we were able to three percent . This time is in the range of five percent . Parliamentary We pass the threshold , " said Sudding , when contacted , Sunday ( 04/05/2014 ) night .

Sudding say , in empowering winnings pileg , Hary Tanoe has conducted a number of significant programs in the community. For example , he said, to distribute around 30 ambulance cars and a range of social activities to help the poor . On the advent of the internal criticism of the party , he said, because there are those who bother with football lunge Hary Tanoe . The initiative , all program winnings taken over by Hary Tanoe until there is no more gap for others to steal the advantage when the programs are rolled out .

" We can enggak winnings burden on one person party . It is regrettable that all this can only criticize , but I do not want to introspection and enggak contribution to the party ," he said .

Previously, Attorney General Sekretatis Kristiawanto Hanura Party DPP and the DPP Party chief urges Hary Hanura Yuddy Chrisnandi Tanoe backward because it was considered not able to perform in maximizing Hanura victory .

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