Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another minister, Other Style for Backward

Since the Anti-Corruption Commission established in 2003 , new in the second period the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is no active ministers named as a suspect . Unmitigated , in the span of less than two years , the Commission established two ministers as a corruption suspect .

The first is an active Minister Andi A Mallarangeng ( 51 ) . The Minister of Youth and Sports on December 6, 2012 prevented from going abroad because it is set to be a suspect corruption in the construction of an integrated sports complex Hambalang , Bogor .
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The next day , Andy meet President Yudhoyono . During the meeting , he submitted his resignation as Minister of Sports .

When resigning , Andi claimed to have received a letter from the Commission stating he was a suspect . " But blocking ( prevention ) I had enough to take a stand , " said Andi ( Reuters , 8/12/2012 ) .

The second active minister who was suspected of corruption is Suryadharma Ali ( 57 ) . Thursday ( 22.05.2014 ) , the Commission announced a suspect in a corruption case Suryadharma organizing Hajj 2012/2013 .

However , on Friday the next day , there was no letter of resignation from Suryadharma to the President , who was in the Philippines . Suryadharma even declared yet thought to resign from the cabinet and it will still take part in the pilgrimage to Mecca in 2014 .

Saturday ( 24/5 ) , of the Philippines , the President sent a message . He hopes Suryadharma concentration face legal allegation against him . Ministry of Religious Affairs also should not be disturbed by the case of Suryadharma . The President also stated , upon arriving in the country , on Monday ( 26/5 ) there would be appropriate measures related to this issue .

Suryadharma then met the President at the Bogor Palace on Monday . During the meeting , also attended by Vice President Boediono , State Secretary Sudi Silalahi , and Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono . Their faces all looked sad .


After meeting with the president Suryadharma lasting one hour , State Secretary Sudi said , Suryadharma pleaded not guilty in the presence of the President and Vice President . Suryadharma also show evidence that the performance of the ministry he leads , especially in matters of organization of the Hajj , making progress .

However , pressure on Suryadharma to retreat very large . Thus , there is no other option for him other than to signal to the president that he will resign . " Mr. Suryadharma as Minister of Religion was to restore confidence in the Minister of Religious Affairs to the President for the next Mr. President received the report and requested that Mr. Suryadharma submitted his resignation in writing within 1-2 days of this , " said Sudi .

After meeting at the Bogor Palace , it's hard to not say that in Indonesia early next month will have a new Minister of Religious Affairs .


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