Friday, May 23, 2014

Minister of Religious So Suspects Corruption, Hajj Operation Before Settling Radicals

Determination of the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali as organizing Hajj corruption suspects by the KPK is the top rated chaotic organization of the Hajj . Ministry of Religious Affairs and the House of Representatives asked more seriously looking for a solution , if necessary radical .

" It should be revamping the organization of the Hajj is more radical , " said Commissioner Rumadi Central Information Commission in a press release received on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) . He argues , if it is deemed necessary , could be considered the possibility of presenting a pilgrimage Administering Agency which is outside the structure of the Ministry of Religious Affairs .

Simultaneously , added Rumadi , should also be expedited discussion Hajj Finance Management Act . The goal , he said , the value of pilgrimage financial savings has now reached Rp 64.5 trillion could be managed more transparent and accountable . According to him , there is currently no system of financial management transparent Hajj .
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" This bill can not be delayed anymore . Financial Management Bill so far by the government's Hajj has been submitted to Parliament , but it seems there is no strong commitment from the House to resolve because there are a number of differences in the House and the government , " said Rumadi .

Rumadi argues , radical improvements need to be made ​​for the organization of Hajj prone to corruption . " Too many holes that can be played organizers , almost in all aspects of the organization of the Hajj , which could be used for corrupt actions , " said Rumadi .

Chaotic organizing Hajj and financial system that is not accountable , according Rumadi , has lasted long without a satisfactory solution until now . It could be , he said , Suryadharma was the victim of a practice that was already entrenched .

" He can not control , may even take advantage of practices that are considered commonplace in the organization of Hajj , " said Rumadi . " Corruptive actions were sometimes not only because of the MORA , but also because other parties outside MORA , such as the House of Representatives , which has contributed to the creation of a climate of ongoing corrupt . "


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